Boating with the Water Carriers

Beach rest stop

I’m new to boating.  I’ve tried it a bit over the past few years, a little in California; it was definitely not my favorite thing!  The boat had wood floors and I found them very slippery.  We tried boating again last summer on a new boat; it smelled new anyway.  It has carpeted floors and my nails can grip much better.  I like this boat.  Every time the noise stops I get to go for a walk.

My favorite time for a walk is now!  It sometimes takes the water carriers a lot of time to prepare for my walk, My Favorite Thing.  They seem to need to gather up many items like my leash, little plastic bags (for when I poop), and most importantly my water bottle.  Once all of this has been suitably arranged we can head off to explore.

Getting on and off the boat has also been a new experience.  Sometimes, we have to ride in a little boat to get to the walk place.  They make me wear a big yellow thing with lots of straps.  I would protest more but they let me be the Admiral and bark out orders.  I always bark the same orders, “to land as fast as possible for a walk”.  Did I mention, going for a walk is My Favorite Thing!!!?  Getting out of the little boat can be a little complicated.  I often have to sit still, and get told over and over again to “wait” or “sit”.  Boy, I heard them the first time, they just need to get this show on the road.  Then for no apparent reason, well none that I can detect, its time to “come”.  I think they do that just to build up the anticipation for the walk, did I mention its My Favorite Thing!!!  We get to try all kinds of walks.  Long forest walks with lots of smells and nobody aound means I get off my leash.  It’s My Favorite Thing!!! Walks are even better when they provide a “mouse” or two to chase.  “Mouses” are strange and elusive creatures.  Where come from, we have two basic types; those that have long ears and run really fast when I see them or the small ones that run into the ground.  The ones that run into the ground have to be dug out.  My Favorite Thing!!! The ones with long ears that run away very fast, must be chased.  I can’t catch them, but it’s good exercise.  When we are staying on the boat and going for walks, the “mouses” come in more varieties.  There are those with bushy tails that run really fast up trees.  I have tried to climb up after them, but can’t seem to get the hang of it. Another type is really big, hides in the bushes, has long legs and can bound away quickly.  I have chased these a long way despite being called back by the water carriers.  Don’t they know I’m busy because chasing stuff if My Favorite Thing!!!Sometimes, we have to get me more food, so we need to go for walks on hard surfaces, where there are lots of people and puppy buddies;  not My Favorite Thing but better than not going!!!  There are a lot more places I have to mark with my scent so I can find my way back.  This is a lot of work and it can get pretty tiring.  Sometimes I need more water to refill my tank.  That is when the water carriers can be very helpful. People are funny in these hard places.  They think I’m pretty.  I know I’m pretty, but they can still keep their hands to themselves.  Those that have trouble with this concept need to be shown a tooth or two.  I draw their attention to the teeth with a little huff.  I’ve gotten pretty good at it and can huff just below a growl, which always gets a “that’s enough” from the water carriers.  I don’t see the problem with a little growl; after all they are not the ones about to have their hair ruffled by a complete stranger.  Definitely not My Favorite Thing!! When we return to the boat, I have several cool places where I can go to catch some “z’s”, My Favorite Thing!!!It took a while, but I have the boat pretty well sorted out.  I have managed to figure out how to be in the way but not really look like I meant to be in the way, fall a sleep in the one spot that everyone has to walk past, and jump up and run to the back of the boat to bark at a potential pirate ready to attack the boat.  It took a little longer to figure out the optimum sleeping places.  There is my after-the-morning-walk place to sleep, my I-need-to-keep-an-eye-on-the-neighbors place to sleep, my under-way-in-the-corner-mostly-out-of-the-way-except-when-I-want-a-pat place to sleep, my I-don’t-need-to-stand-watch-because-you-ran-my-butt-off place to sleep, and it’s-too-hot–and-humid place to sleep, which doubles nicely as my I’m-disgusted-with-the-quality-of-the-last-walk and I-need-a place-to-sulk place to sleep.  There is also my place to eat and drink.  After all, next to walking, sleeping and eating are My Favorite Things!!!

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