About Us

Shawn & Corinne4cropShawn and Corinne are the owners of Z Frontier Photography, a business focused on capturing images that allow them to share the impressive beauty of the natural environment with others.

During the fall, winter and spring, they enjoy hiking in the southwest.  Within a few hours drive from their home base in Las Vegas there are several National Parks, National Recreation Areas, National Monuments, State Parks  and National Forests.  These provide great opportunities to get out and enjoy some great scenery and fresh air.

During the summer, they cruise aboard their boat, Salish Lady in the Pacific Northwest. Their typical cruising areas are Puget Sound, the San Juan Islands, and British Columbia.

Photography is a natural extension of their interests in hiking and boating.

They also write articles for several boating magazines where they are able to combine the joy of cruising in the Pacific Northwest with their photographs.

For more information, check out the home page of Z Frontier Photography at www.zfrontierphoto.com  or visit the Photo Gallery at http://gallery.zfrontierphoto.com


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