Mountain Home to Ely

Prince had a very bad night. He was sick and had the runs. Corinne ended up spending most of the night getting up to walk him. He was clearly uncomfortable and just couldn’t settle down. So we didn’t sleep well and we were a little less energetic this morning.

It was cold this morning. We walked Prince around various areas within the campground and up and back the driveway. Corinne made Prince some rice for breakfast, which seemed to settle his stomach. After his rice, he seemed a little happier. Thankfully, he was fine most of the day and settled down on the RV, dosing and sleeping most of the day.

We didn’t waste too much time before we were out on the road again. Since we had stayed in Mountain Home, we were able to drive through Twin Falls after the morning rush hour. It got quite windy during the drive and we had some rain showers. We stopped at the Love’s truck stop in Wells, NV for our lunch break. Adjacent to the truck stop, there is a big empty field where Prince could enjoy a short off-leash walk. We had a bowl of chicken noodle soup for our lunch and then bought a couple of sweetened/flavored coffees to enjoy during our afternoon drive.

The mountains along the highway had snow on the tops and low clouds. It appeared that snow was still falling at the higher elevations. Shawn had to work harder to drive with the crosswinds. Today was really the first day that the wind was a factor in the driving. Our Country Coach Affinity is pretty heavy and it takes a fair bit of wind before it becomes a challenge to drive. However, it is particularly susceptible to gusty conditions on the side of the coach. Shawn is getting pretty good at identifying the spots where a wind gusts are likely to push us around. However, every once and a while, he will get surprised. Driving in these conditions is the most tiring for Shawn. He needs to be paying attention all the time and be ready to react quickly.

We stopped at the KOA campground in Ely NV for the night. This is a frequent stopping place for us. There are good trails which allow us to enjoy some easy hikes right at the park. The campsites are a little shorter than some of the newer parks, but the lanes are very wide so they allow a little hang-over of the motorhomes with tow vehicles. We unhitched our Jeep after Prince had a short walk and we went to the grocery store in Ely to get a few items that Corinne wanted to use for dinner.

We got back from our short trip into town and Corinne cooked some Southwestern Turkey Meatballs which were very good. A huge benefit of traveling by RV is the opportunity to prepare all our own meals. Planning meals takes a little more thought than at home or on the boat since there is a microwave /convection oven that is not very good. So more of the meals need to be made on the stoptop.

We put on a DVD movie for the evening while we sipped a cup of tea. It was nice to be warm and cozy inside.

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