Through Oregon and into Idaho

Mountain Home RV Park (from Mountain Home RV Park web site)

We were up at O’dark thirty (6:00am) today. Shawn seemed ready to get up and Corinne wasn’t likely to fall back to sleep. Shawn was actually surprised how alert he felt. Sometimes the driving, especially in bad weather can really tire him out. However, we didn’t try to push the distance too much yesterday and we did stop early enough to get some exercise. We had a quick shower this morning and then left with Prince for a walk. Our first stop was the local Starbucks and then we strolled the large block around the neighborhood and back to the RV park. We completed our morning chores and hooked the Jeep back on the RV. By 8:00 am, we were rolling out to the highway. Due to the dead battery problem we had on our northerly trip, we were being a lot more careful to turn the Jeep off at night and take it for some short trips some evenings. It’s nice to having the Jeep along. It gives us a chance to see a like more. We just park the RV in a safe location and take the Jeep. I think Corinne likes the fact we can pick up groceries and anything that we need without having to maneuver the RV in and out of parking areas. We also tend to take Prince further a-field for walks and hikes. We have become quite adapt at connecting and disconnecting the Jeep. We use a Falcon All-Terrain tow bar system.

It was quite gloomy and started raining shortly after we began today’s trip. When we started up the slope into Pendleton, Oregon, it got foggy too. However, the road was almost empty. We like to take the “back way” to Las Vegas. The trip is a bit longer, but the driving is so much easier. We actually enjoy most of the trip, particularly once we change from I-90 east to I-82 south in Ellensberg, WA. The rest of the trip to Las Vegas is very easy, with little traffic and fairly interesting scenery.

We stopped at a rest stop north of Baker City for our lunch break. We had chicken salad sandwiches with dried cranberries, apples, and walnuts from some chicken leftovers. It was a nice lunch. Being able to have lunch on the RV really makes it a lot easier for Shawn to maintain my weight. The avoidance of fast-food and diners keeps his blood-sugar on track as well. Having our own bed to sleep in and regulated meals really helps us feel fresh and relaxed during the trip.

After our lunch break, Prince had a short walk around the rest area. It was cold and windy and not a very interesting spot to walk. So we didn’t spend much time outside before we hustled Prince back to the RV.

By 1:00 pm, we were traveling southeast again. South of Baker City, near Rye Valley, we saw a nicer rest area; possibly a place we could use on another trip. As we continued southeast, it began to rain. It was fairly unpleasant, but not a downpour. Again, it was cold and the road was pretty slippery. Fortunately there was no wind and the traffic was very light.

We continued to Mountain Home, ID where we decided to stay at the Mountain Home RV Park for the night. This was about 40 minutes west of Glenns Ferry, where we often stay at the Carmela RV Park. It seemed better to stop here since we had lost an hour due to the time zone change. The last time we tried a park in Mountain Home, it was in a less than attractive neighborhood. This park was easy to get to from the highway and had nice concrete RV pads. The lanes accessing the sites were sufficiently wide for Shawn to easily navigate with the Jeep still attached. There was a beautiful rose garden in the center of the entrance driveway. Each camp site had a nice grassy spot and picnic tables. There were lots of pull-through sites which were quite long. There is a city park in Mountain Home which appears to be within walking distance, but it was too cold and rainy to get us interested in a long walk. If you arrived late, there were nice RV spots which are left vacant close to the office. The night spots are marked with blue lights. Next to the RV park, there was a Chinese food restaurant which the park staff said was good. The park staff were also very nice. This was the first time one of the park staff at any park we have stayed at offered to connect the RV to the power and water.

When we got parked, we took Prince out for a very short walk in the rain. There was a large empty field at the end of the RV park where we walked. Once we got back to the RV, we heated up some chili for our dinner. During the evening, Corinne used the wi-fi coupon from the RV park staff to do some work on our blog and check for RV parks for tomorrow. There was a good Internet signal.

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