Leaving Anacortes for home

Today was the start of our southbound trip from Anacortes to Las Vegas. We didn’t want to deal with rush hour traffic through Everett, Kirkland and Bellevue, so we didn’t start our travels until 9:00 am. It was cloudy this morning and as we got to I-5, it started to rain. It rained most of the morning, but lightened up after we got east of North Bend. Not only was it wet, but it was also cold. The roads were slippery, mostly from the rain, but as we got up in elevation, the icy-feel increased.

We stopped just east of Cle Elum at a rest stop for a lunch break. It was a good stop for a break. The dog walk area had a little dirt trail which followed along a fence line and then within a small copse of trees and shrubs. Prince seemed to enjoy his exploration time. Prince was doing much better on the RV than he had in the past. He seemed much more settled and dosed for most of the trip.

We continued east and drove through little rain showers. Around 3:30 pm, we stopped at The Wine Country RV Park in Prosser WA. Ah! We arrived in time to disconnect the Jeep and zip down the road to the Chukar Cherry warehouse store for some tasting and shopping. We found much to enjoy there. We have such different ways of shopping. Shawn’s method is very simple; taste and then buy one of everything. Corinne has to think about each purchase. Shawn wonders if this process causes Corinne pain, since it seems she almost goes cross-eyed with thought.

Prince waited patiently for us in the Jeep, always happy to stay close to us. Then, it was his turn for some fun. We found a small city park adjacent to a little working class neighborhood. We walked around the park and then expanded the walk into the housing area nearby to stretch our legs a little more. When we looped back to the park, Prince spotted a squirrel scampering toward a large maple tree. That was good for a short chase; we have to keep the hunting skills honed. It started to rain again so we hustled back to the Jeep and returned to the RV to make some dinner. Tonight we had some leftover salmon (from yesterday’s dinner) in an egg scramble with some nice sharp soft cheese. The days are short with the fall season well underway. By 7:00 pm, it was as dark as the middle of the night. Time to put up our feet for the night.

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