Travel home

Last day of vacation and we travel back home. Flights take us from Venice to Frankfurt to Houston and then to home. We arrive quite late, but we will be sleeping in our own bed tonight.

London Pros – per Corinne

  1. Great collection of theaters.
  2. Many choices of museums.
  3. Wonderful castles and palaces with many original furnishings and tapestries.
  4. Primary language is English.  
  5. Hot tea served with milk.
  6. Interesting histories.
  7. Quite walkable (good sidewalks, crosswalks)
  8. Nice countryside when the weather is pleasant and you have a car.

London Cons – per Corinne

  1. Like most urban areas, has some seedier parts of town and definitely some grit and grime. 
  2. Too many noisy cars blowing their horns.
  3. Confusing traffic movements.
  4. Food has improved (from the horrors I have heard) but is still borderline in many places.

Venice Pros – per Corinne

  1. Interesting geography with mesmerizing collection of canals, bridges, and walkways.
  2. Effective water bus transportation.
  3. Pastry shops (perhaps a con?)
  4. Many cafes with outdoor sitting, attractive viewpoints, and pretty good coffee.
  5. Lovely islands.
  6. Many ways to combine walks.
  7. Beautiful water taxis (like fine wood Cris Craft boats).
  8. Some great food.

Venice Cons – per Corinne

  1. Challenging language (but mostly patient Italian hosts).
  2. Graffiti too prevalent.
  3. Declining population.
  4. Buildings in disrepair (however Shawn points out that you would need more money than God to restore and maintain them).

Many of our photos have been uploaded to a set of Picasa web albums.  Follow these links to see the assembled photos –


Orient Express


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