Murano and Burano

On the train, we learned that the Pope was going to be in Venice. The hotel staff warned us that we should avoid St. Marks Square on Saturday and Sunday. So we decided to go to the island of Murano to see the glass blowing. The hotel told us that one of the studios would send a boat and we would be able to return on a vaparetto (water bus). So we thought that sounded like a good arrangement for us. Shortly after 9 am, the boat arrived and we had a lovely trip to Murano. Once there, we were shown a glass blowing shop and an artist demonstrated the techniques of blowing a vase and molding a fish. After the demonstration, we were shown through many rooms with so many styles of glass with unique molded pieces of art, gorgeous mirrors, and unbelievable candeliers. We were also shown rooms with lovely goblets, vases, candle holders. After some discussion, we selected a few pieces as a dining table arrangement with a fruit bowl, two candle holders, and a vase. They have a beautiful black and gold spiral embedded in clear glass.

After our tour of the gallery, they suggested a trip to Burano where there is a community of fishermen and lace makers. The gallery provided a boat to ferry us to the next island. We were met by a local woman, Gorgia, at the drop-spot. She provided us with a description of the island and the basis of the economy. She showed us to a wonderful restaurant were we had a delicious baked sea bass for lunch, followed by a sponge cake and vanilla cream covered by a huge layer of merengue. Gorgia met us again as we were preparing to leave. She showed us to a lacy gallery set up by a shop owner and we were shown how lace is made. We were then shown a variety of place mats, napkins, and table runners. We selected a small linen table runner with lace trim in a beige color. It should show off our new glass pieces nicely on our dining table.

We had some time to wander around the island. The buildings were painted in bright colors, apparently to make it easier for the fishermen to spot the island when coming in during foggy conditions. There were many shops and cafes. We wandered the streets and photographed the colorful buildings, winding canals and parked boats. We looked over some of the fishing equipment in a small boat harbor.

After our tour, we got a water bus back to Venice and returned to the hotel to drop off a couple items. Then went out to look around a few new corners. Within a short time, we decided that a small meal sounded good. We stopped at a small pizzeria and shared a pepperoni pizza. Then we went to a gelato shop for a small scoop of gelato. We stood on a bridge and watched the boat traffic as we enjoyed our cool treat. It was a full day and we were ready to put up our feet.


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