Travel to Venice

Morning on the Orient Express

We woke early and got up and dressed and washed before our scheduled time for breakfast when Rupert would come and make up our cabin. So that we didn’t effect Rupert’s schedule or get under-foot, we went to the bar car. Unfortunately, there was no coffee available there. We chatted with a couple of other people until 7:30 am and then went back to our cabin, which Rupert had reset into the sofa configuration. Once we were comfortable, Rupert brought us a continental breakfast. There were many biscuits and rolls, jam, and cheese and a large carafe of coffee. When breakfast was cleared away, Rupert would stop by to chat a little as he waited for the late risers to get up. During one of our visits, he related to us that he was the train steward for David Suchet when he did the documentary about the Orient Express. We thought Rupert looked familiar, but neither of us had voiced the question. We also asked Rupert about his favorite sights in Venice, since he lives nearby. Nothing came to his mind immediately, but when I suggested the island of Murano where they have the glass blowing shops he said that he would recommend that we see that.


The train stopped in Innsbruck for 30 minutes and many passengers disembarked to walk the platform. It was beautifully sunny and warm. After our short “shore leave” we hopped back aboard and went to the bar car and Shawn had a diet soda. At our appointed time, we went to the dining car and had a lovely lunch with chicken as the main course and a small chocolate cake with a half pear for dessert. Then we retired once again to our cabin to watch the Italian vineyards roll by.

Dining carGlass ornamentation in dining car

Apparently, breakfast and lunch didn’t provide quite enough food, so Rupert also had “tea” for us at 4 pm. Fortunately, it was just tea and 3 bite-size pastries. Shortly after tea was cleared away, the train was making its approach to Venice across the land bridge. Once we arrived at the train station, we had a 20 minute wait for our baggage. We then had a short walk over a bridge and a few hundred feet to the hotel.

We were ready stretch our legs, so we changed to some comfortable clothes and went for a stroll around Venice. There were quite a few other people on the move, but overall it was easy to stroll around. It was warm and there was a pleasant light from the sun as it dropped toward the horizon. It was interesting to walk down a narrow alley and then enter a large courtyard where 4 to 6 alleyways come together, usually with a church to one side. After a while, I suggested we get a Calazone to share so that Shawn wouldn’t be really hungry at 10 pm. We finished our walk around 9 pm. Tomorrow, we will enjoy exploring many more alleyways and bridges.

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