Christmas 2010, Dec 27 – Wahweap (Page) to Flagstaff

We were up a little later this morning. We were all a little tired from the outings yesterday. However, the smell of coffee brewing and with little coaxing from Prince it was not long before we were up and on a little walk around the RV Park/Marina. It turned out to be a pleasant morning for the walk. We started on the walk under some pretty dense clouds but it wasn’t long before the sun pushed them off.

Prince saw several bunnies, but being on the leash was not able to give adequate pursuit. It is the ultimate in torture for Prince. We walked up to and around the hotel at the resort. It is quite a large facility that is mostly closed for the winter. There were a few guests but none of the restaurants were open. We could hear someone working on the boats in the marina and the garbage truck came through, but otherwise it was pretty quiet.

Corinne made oatmeal for breakfast and we did some chores. It wasn’t long before we were ready to saddle-up and head for Flagstaff, AZ. It was a pretty uneventful trip until we got to Flagstaff. However, we ran into a little direction problem getting to the RV Park (Black Bart’s RV Park). This resulted in me taking a turn that I couldn’t make and needing to take the Jeep off its tow system while blocking traffic. The good thing is that I am pretty good at taking the Jeep off and that I stopped before I got us into real trouble. For those that are wondering why I couldn’t just back up, the towing system for the jeep does not allow for backing up. It is a great system in all other ways except when you don’t adequately plan your turn. The RV, being 40 feet long and the jeep adding another 15 ft can be pretty challenging to maneuver in a tight spot. Further complicating the maneuvering challenge is the fact that the back wheels don’t follow the front wheels. So, it is pretty easy to find yourself in a tight spot. Taking the truck driving course really helped me to judge distances and where my back wheels are going to go when I go around a corner. The other complication is that you are sitting on the front wheels. When they turn they tend to point the bus directly at the point of the turn. So you need to remember that you need to go out and around the turn and not through the turn like you would in your car. At the same time, your back wheels will tend to cut the corner. That means that large rounded turns are required. Occasionally, the way a lane will set up the turn makes this very difficult. You have to go wide to avoid the traffic but if you go too wide, you end up not being able to get around the turn. That’s what happened today. I got too wide in the turn avoiding a car and couldn’t get the front end around before I was smack up against a curb; a big miscalculation on my part. We got the Jeep off with little trouble and I was then able to back out of my predicament. Corinne then took the Jeep to find the RV Park and called me with directions when she had it located. It turns out that the GPS gives Black Bart’s location as about 0.5 miles south of its actual location.

Once we arrived and got settled, we took Prince for a walk around the park. He likes to see where he is and get his bearings as soon as we arrive. He will continue to agitate for his walk until we capitulate.

After we got Prince walked and fed, we went off to have steaks at Black Bart’s restaurant. What Corinne failed to tell me is that it was Black Bart’s Steakhouse and Musical Revue. So I was quite surprised when the serving staff ran up on the makeshift stage and started belting out tunes from famous musicals. They were good singers and very entertaining. We heard songs from Les Miserables, Show Boat, Lion King and Oklahoma. Consequently, we had a very nice evening of music and very nicely prepared steak for Corinne and Prime Rib for me. We even topped-off the evening with a serving of Apple Crumble a la mode.

After dinner, we took Prince for another short walk under a star lit sky. It was about 25 degrees. It was very cold and the water and soil had frozen. We did a relatively short loop around the park.

When we went to bed, the furnace was working fine and keeping the RV nice and warm. However, some time about 2:00 AM the furnace quit. It was in the teens outside and the RV cooled down quickly. I tried to use the overhead heaters but they won’t work below 34 degrees. So I had to break out the portable space heaters that we used on the former RV. They managed to keep the RV acceptable warm for rest of the night.


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