July 4, 2008 – Bainbridge Island

Our original plan was to head from Joemma Park to Des Moines. However, we had favorable currents that moved us along at 10-12 knots, which was about 4 knots faster than our normal stately pace. So, we were past the Tacoma Narrows Bridge by late morning. We decided to call our friends Mark and Karen Bryant who live on Bainbridge Island and see if they were planning to be home. As it turned out, they were having some friends over for a 4th of July dinner and we were invited to tie up on their dock and join them. We arrived to Eagle Harbor around 2 pm, but the tide was too low to approach their dock immediately, so we found a temporarily anchoring location and while we waited for the tide to rise, I baked some cookies to take to the party. We got to their dock about 4 pm and had no difficulty with the approach or depth at the dock. However, we knew we would have to leave by 10 am the next morning to avoid getting stuck in the mud.

We had a nice afternoon and evening. Karen and Mark are excellent hosts and always have great food. Mark made pulled pork and a friend Dave had several barbeques going with spare ribs. Many of the women brought salads (Chinese cabbage salad, potato salad, etc.) There were about 12 people there for dinner. They have a nice yard and plenty of outdoor seating. While it wasn’t quite as warm as the previous few days, it was pleasant when wearing a long sleeve shirt. Prince was able to run around with a few other well behaved dogs on the property and so he seemed happy not to have a long evening walk. When the sun went down, several of the neighbors on the harbor had private fireworks displays we could watch from the lawn. Then we enjoyed a nice beachside fire and the company of a few of the last guests who remained.

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