July 3, 2008 – Joemma State Park

We had read in a book about good dog hikes that Joemma State Park (formerly named Robert F Kennedy State Park) was a good hiking location. So, we left Jarrell Cove and headed south to Joemma Park. When we arrived, several mooring buoys were available, but a sailboat was leaving a nice location on the docks. So we waited while they got underway and then tied up in the newly vacated spot on the outside of the dock. The moorings and dock are fairly exposed to south wind and swells created from passing traffic. So we spoke with a sailor and asked if he might slide his boat to another spot on an inside dock so that we could fit in front of him. He was nice enough to accommodate our request and we felt better knowing we wouldn’t get wave slap on the hull all night. We had a short hike on short with Prince so get a sense of the trail system available, but it was disappointing. We also had a beach walk during the low tide, but Prince seemed to find that relatively boring.

The next morning we took another beach walk in the opposite direction and explored a saltwater lagoon and Corinne collected some small pebbles and shells for a table centerpiece. Since there were very few people around, we let Prince off his leash and he enjoyed the beach walk much more than the previous day. Perhaps it was also because he was able to enjoy chasing small waves as they broke on the shoreline and could wade in the water.

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