June 29, 2008 – Fair Harbor Marina, Case Inlet

We took another long walk on the woodland trails at the park in the morning. Prince was able to walk off-leash for 90% of the walk because we were out well before any of the other campers or park visitors. We returned to the boat and had a nice pancake breakfast. Afterward, we got ourselves organized and headed off to explore some new places.

We traveled west via Pitt Passage and into Carr Inlet. It was sunny and the waters were calm. There were several other boats zipping about and we saw several boats with water skiers or inflatable craft being towed behind. We continued almost as far as Allyen, but turned into Fair Harbor Marina with expectations of finding some ice cream. We got instructions from a person at the gas dock on where we could tie up and we quickly headed over to their store to find many delicious choices for ice cream treats. With only a quick look around, Shawn decided that it looked like a good spot for an overnight stay. The woman running the store and fuel dock was very friendly and her dog seemed to approve of Prince after the usual doggy greeting. It was hot throughout the afternoon and from our folding chairs in the cockpit in the shade we had a front row seat for all of the activity of boats coming in for fuel. We took Prince for only a short neighborhood walk in the evening. We were all too hot to enjoy the exercise. However, by the time we returned to the boat, some clouds were starting to blow in. Our barometer was finicky, predicting rain and then changing to partly cloudy.

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