June 26, 2008 – Gig Harbor

We worked on Thursday morning and then headed south in the afternoon. By 4:30 pm we had tied up in Gig Harbor which is approximately an hour north from Tacoma. Gig Harbor is a small town with an extensive maritime tradition. Many of the first settlers here were Yugoslavian immigrants who made their living from fishing the rich waters of Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. Many marinas and docks line the shoreline and Gig Harbor has become a favorite town for people in their retirement years. Many large homes have replaced the former quaint cottage-style houses that were once the predominant residences. The main town area has several gift and interior decor shops and women’s boutiques. There are several small restaurants, but none that are very noteworthy. The most popular eatery is the Tides Tavern which hangs out on pilings over the waters of the bay. For us boaty types, it is also significant to note that there is a grocery store within easy walking distance of the marinas. A recent enhancement to Gig Harbor is the numerous signs along the main road which highlight the history of the town. These discuss the historic buildings and early settlers. There is also a brochure named the “Gig Harbor Waterfront History Walk” that discuss more of the history of the town. Currently, a new building is under construction near the head of the bay to house the Harbor History Museum. This will be a nice addition for the tourists who visit the town.

We stayed in Gig Harbor only for one night. The marina manager was expecting a busy weekend and since there were limited dog walk venues, we opted to head out by noon on Friday.

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