June 22, 2008 – Poulsbo

We left Bremerton on Sunday and made our way north to Poulsbo which is on the Kitsap Peninsula. You can easily reach Poulsbo by car if you take a ferry to Bainbridge Island and travel north over the Agate Pass Bridge. The trip by ferry and car would take about 1.5 hours. There is no ferry that lands at Poulsbo, so boat traffic is mostly limited to pleasure craft and small commercial boats such as fishing boats and small tow boats. The town is extremely quaint. It was originally settled by some Norwegians and has retained the Norwegian atmosphere. The largest building in town is the Sons of Norway recreation and meeting hall. Lovely planters hang from the street lamps and the most popular stores are the numerous bakeries, gift shops and galleries. There are also numerous eateries which are open for lunch and dinner. Many of the store fronts have lovely gingerbread wood embellishments or window paintings that enhance the Scandanavian theme.

We decided to live/work on our boat in Poulsbo for the next 4 days. It had all of the services we might need (e.g., grocery stores, banks, postal and courier services) within walking distance and had excellent wi-fi internet connection and cell phone services. There were also some very good parks directly up the ramp from the marina and a great boardwalk to extent our stroll and let Prince get a good dog walk and “sniffy” experience. On a couple of evenings, we also extent our walk to explore some parks further afield. One of the best finds was the Fish Park which was at the head of the bay. This park is a restoration project aimed at enhancing a salmon creek (Dogfish Creek) and providing some nice gravel walkways and boardwalks through meadows and woodlands. The park is relatively small, but with the nicely meandering paths, one can get a good stroll while enjoying some excellent educational signs that discuss the restoration efforts and the enhancement of the native plants.

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